담당자 및 담당업무 연락처 안내표
Field No. Principal
Project Title Institution E-mail
Solvent 1 Baek, Il Hyun Development of energy efficient CO₂capture new process technology using solvent  KIER
2 Lee, Kwang Soon Simulation and process optimization of CO₂absorption process Sogang Univ.
3 Kim, Hoon Sik Development of energy efficient amine-based aqueous and non-aqueous solvent systems for CO₂ capture Kyunghee Univ
4 Hur, Nam Hwi Development of CO₂ absorbent based on hydrazine Sogang Univ.
5 Park, Ji-Woong Development of high-capacity, energy-efficient anhydrous carbon dioxide absorbents GIST
6 Jang, Yun Hee Modeling and designing liquid/ solid absorbents for CO₂ capture and release GIST
7 Hwang,
Gyeong Soon
First principles-based computational design of novel high-efficiency solvents for carbon dioxide capture Univ. of
Texas at Austin
8 Jeong, Soon Kwan Development of carbonic anhydrase mimetic catalyst for enhancement of CO₂absorption KIER
Dry Sorbent 1 Park, Yong Ki Development of CO₂capture technology using energy exchangeable fluidized-bed KRICT
2 Kim, Jae Chang Development of new alloy-based dry sorbents for CO₂ capture at middle/high temperatures Kyungpook Univ.
3 Jang, Hyun Tae Development of amine composite solid sorbent for carbon dioxide separation Hanseo Univ.
4 Kim, Sung Hyun Development of organic-inorganic hybrid solid amine sorbents Korea Univ.
5 jung, You Sung Chemical insights for effective CO₂ capture capacity and kinetics KAIST
6 Hong, Chang Seop Development of innovative metal-organic frameworks for CO₂ capture Korea Univ.
7 Cho, Sung june Development of porous metal oxide based CO₂ sorbent for fl uidized dry sorption process Chonnam Univ.
8 Moon, Hoi Ri Development of the hightemperature sorbent applicable to energy exchangeable multi-stage CO₂ capture process UNIST
9 Choi, Min kee Design of advanced silica supports and amine impregnation methods for high absorption rate of CO₂ KAIST
10 Kwon, Young Uk Development of mid- and hightemperature CO₂ absorbents with high performance based on solidstate chemistry sung kyun kwan
11 Seo, Jeong Gil Kinetically controllable hybrid sorbents for mid- and hightemperature CO₂capture Myongji Univ.
12 Ko, Young Soo Development of advanced guest technology for absorbents based on host-guest concept Kongju Univ.
Membrane 1 Lee, Young Moo High flux polymer membrane development Hanyang Univ.
2 Park, Ho Bum Module preparation and demonstration of nanocarbonbased membranes for CO₂capture Hanyang Univ. badtzhb@
3 Jung, Bum suk High permeable mixed matrix membraned for carbon dioxide separation using nanoporous materials Myongji Univ.
4 Choi, Jung kyu Fabrication of CO₂-selective all-silica zeolite membranes Korea Univ. jungkyu_choi@
5 Cho, Churl Hee Development of CO₂highflux ultrathin inorganic capillary membrane technology Chungnam Univ.
6 Nam, Sang yong Development of sorption controlled hollow fiber membrane for CO₂separation Gyeongsang Univ.
7 Kang, Yong soo Novel facilitated CO₂transport membrane using nano-carrier Hanyang Univ.
8 Yeo, Jeong gu Membrane testing and processes for postcombustion CO₂capture KIER
9 Park, Jung Hoon Development of membrane/solvent hybrid technology for CO₂capture Dongguk Univ.
10 Lee, Jong Suk Development of advanced hollow fiber sorbents for highly efficient postcombustion CO₂capture KAIST
11 Haiqing Lin Stable ultrathin film composite membranes with high CO₂flux State Univ of New York at Buffalo