담당자 및 담당업무 연락처 안내표
Field No. Principal
Project Title Institution E-mail
1 Jeong,
Gwang deok
Metal carbonate preparation by CO₂electrolysis of brine water KIST
2 Lee, BunYeoul Development of CO₂conversion to polycarbonates and their monomers Ajou Univ
3 Kim, Yong Hwan Development of eletrochemical formate production process by employing efficient CO₂reductase Kwangwoon
4 Jang, Jong Hyun Development of innovation technology for CO₂ conversion to syn-gas by low-temperature electrolysis KIST
5 Lee, Jae Woo Innovative synthesis of electrochemical carbon electrodes from CO₂ KAIST
6 Yoon, Sung Ho Reaction system development for the production of formic acid or formate derivatives using hydrogenation of CO₂ Kookmin Univ.
7 Lim, tak Hyoung Development of basic technology for synthetic gas production by using high temperature co-electrolysis with h2O and CO₂ based on the pressurized operation by the tubular cell KIER
8 Yoo, Young Sung Development of high-temperature electrolyzer for the preparation of synthesized gas from carbon dioxide KEPCRI
9 Oh, Ji hun Hybrid photocatalyst system for CO₂conversion with 2 % efficiency KAIST
10 Hong, Suk won Development of hydrocarboxylation/C-H carboxylation catalysts for CO₂conversion to valuable polyester monomers GIST
11 Kang, Yong tae Development of high efficiency cooling system technology by using CO₂ hydrate Korea Univ.
1 Sim, Sang Jun Highly efficient bio-conversion of carbon dioxide into bioresource Korea Univ.
2 Jin, Eon Seon Development of high-efficient microalgae for carbon dioxide assimilation via molecular biology Hanyang Univ.
3 Lee, Jae-Hyeok Development of high-efficient microalgae for carbon dioxide assimilation via molecular biology UBC jae-hyeok.lee
4 Luke P. Lee Development of integrated microalgae analysis platform University of California, Berkeley
5 Seo, Tae Seok Development of an integrated nano/microdevice to screen the superior microalgae with high lipid contents KAIST
6 Woo, Han Min Development of core technology for continuously direct production of biodiesel by using recombinant cyanobacteria KIST
- Park, Sang Do A study on the evaluation of new materials and advanced process infrastructures relevant to CO2 capture KCRC